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Land survey: insufficient monitoring of the sector increases errors in the Cadastre data

The society cannot rely on the quality of the received land survey services, whereas the country as a whole cannot rely on the correctness of the data in the National Real Estate Cadastre. The State Audit Office pointed out these aspects while conducting the audit on the monitoring of the provision of land cadastral survey services. (more…)

“If you do not want to listen, you will have to feel it”

In order to promote honest handling of the taxpayers’ money and to ensure that the parties having committed infringements would be justly punished and would compensate the loss caused to the State, the State Audit Office is carefully monitoring how law enforcement authorities handle the provided information on offences identified in the course of audits. (more…)

Cemetery Management in Latvia: Unclear Regulations and Payments

Following the audit on the management of municipal cemeteries, the State Audit Office offers several solutions for arranging the sphere. To ensure a possibility to relatives to bury decently the deceased, selecting necessary services at their own discretion and according to their possibilities, local governments have to ensure easy-to-access information, clear regulations on the obtaining of a grave, clear and justified payments. (more…)

Following the audit of the State Audit Office Gulbene will save more than 131 thousand euros per year

Following the implementation of the State Audit Office’s recommendations for the arrangement of municipality’s accounting processes, Gulbene Municipality will be able to allocate additional 131 thousand euros per year for the needs of municipality’s citizens. (more…)

The NAF provision planning and supply system needs improvements

As the defence funding increases, it is increasingly important to plan the needs of the National Armed Forces and to have a proper procurement system to provide them. (more…)

The Quality of the State Budget Process Must Be Improved

In planning the State budget, the best practice and the guidelines of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) must be used, long-term thinking must be promoted and the team work, where each responsible person is aware of their duties and undertakes responsibility for the quality of the work done, must be strengthened. (more…)

Responsible institutions must develop a more targeted approach to reducing the number of fatal accidents on roads

Having conducted an audit in the field of road traffic safety, the State Audit Office has provided recommendations to the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Interior in order to reach a more rapid decline in the number of road accidents resulting in fatalities and severe injuries. (more…)

Operation of “Rīgas meži” in timber industry reduces financing for the direct tasks

By becoming involved in production of sawn timber, capital company of the Riga City Council “Rīgas meži” conducts business that is unjustified and distorts competition. It is not in compliance either with the goal for establishing the company or tasks delegated later by the local government; therefore, it does not correspond to the interests of society. (more…)

State Audit Office: deficiencies in the higher education financing system raise concerns regarding the quality of studies

The society cannot be convinced that Latvia’s higher education system is moving towards excellence, for the goals set by the state for its development are insufficiently ambitious. Such conclusion has been made by the State Audit Office upon performing the audit of the higher education financing system. (more…)

Participants of the Forum of Supreme Audit Institutions of the Eastern Partnership and EU candidate countries meet with the President of Latvia

On Wednesday, December 13, the participants of the Forum of Supreme Audit Institutions of the Eastern Partnership and EU candidate countries met with Raimonds Vējonis, President of Latvia, as well as familiarised with the work carried out by the Public Expenditure and Audit Committee of the Saeima. (more…)