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State Audit Office: One Must Improve Planning in the Development of National Defensibility

As defence funding increases, the question of the public good becomes more pressing. The State Audit Office has concluded that deficiencies in planning hinder the development of Latvia’s defensibility mainly. (more…)

Certain non-governmental organisations in agriculture have enjoyed privileges for years

The most influential non-governmental organisations in the agricultural sector enjoy special privileges in terms of financing allocated from the state budget that is not characteristic to the non-governmental sector in the country as a whole. (more…)

There is a lack of an open and responsible approach to the use of funds from the Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture finances projects related to forestry, hunting, and fisheries from the state budget through historically established Funds by allocating almost two million euros per year. (more…)

The 11th Meeting of the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements was held in Riga

Having organised the meeting of the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) in Riga on 25-28 June 2019, the State Audit Office of Latvia has repeatedly proved that Latvia is becoming a centre of competence for public sector audit standards also at international level. (more…)

Human Resources in the Health Sector have not been a National Priority for a Long Time – the Situation is Marginal

Various guidelines, programs, and conceptual reports are approved since 2005, which are designed to make the medical staff working in Latvia accessible in the number and of the qualification relevant to demand among patients, but the State Audit Office has established that this goal is far from being reached. (more…)

The State Audit Office: Tax Relief Scheme Must Be Revised to Make the Support Meaningful

Every year, with more than 200 various tax reliefs applied to businesses and citizens, the state budget does not get about 2.5 billion euro. Tax relief can be a quick way for the state to provide financial support to solve specific problems. (more…)

Emerging Technologies are one of the Challenges of Future Cooperation among Supreme Audit Institutions

The Supreme Audit Institutions of the European region and their uniting organisation EUROSAI have identified the need to collaborate in the development of emerging technologies as one of the key challenges for the future by gradually introducing the latest technological solutions into auditing like automation and robotisation, data analysis tools, and artificial intelligence. (more…)

ICT infrastructure requires more efficient and safe management

Maintenance of the ICT infrastructure cost 62 million euros to the country in 2018, and spending continues to grow. Hence, one must address the issue urgently on how to manage this large-scale area, which is dispersed across many institutions but is strategically important. (more…)

The risk of efficient use of 20 million euro for fare relief is still high

The electronic identification system for recipients of fare relief on regional routes planned two years ago, which should have been launched already in January 2021, may be significantly delayed. Such a scenario will not result in any future savings in public budget funds granted for compensation of planned public transport services. (more…)

Separate hunting clubs enjoy the special grace of national security agencies

The audits carried out by the State Audit Office show that both security ministries, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry Interior, have the cooperation not characteristic for public administration with hunting clubs, which enjoy privileged status concerning the use of public resources for their own needs. (more…)