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State Audit Office has issued an opinion with objections regarding state budget of 2017

The State Audit Office has issued an opinion for Saeima on the results of the largest financial audit of the year – the audit of the financial year report. Similarly to previous years, an opinion with objections has been issued also on the report on the 2017 general budget of the state. (more…)

State Revenue Service shall eliminate the shortcomings in tax administration

State Revenue Service shall eliminate a number of significant shortcomings in internal procedures and the regulation of laws in order to improve the administration of several taxes and duties. That was concluded by the State Audit Office while carrying out the audit of the execution of 2017 State budget. (more…)

Substantial changes need to be made to the local government members’ remuneration system

It is necessary to make changes to the local government members’ remuneration system, making it fairer, simpler and clearer and diminishing the administrative burden in local governments. (more…)

Information provided in the annual reports of local governments – incomplete and inaccurate

Information included in the annual reports of local governments is incomplete and does not provide precise details on long-term investments of local governments (including the land under public waters they possess), liabilities of local governments (including loans, special budget and general budget), income from donations and local government members’ monthly salaries. (more…)

Funds for Latvia’s centenary – in line with the purpose but insufficiently supervised

If the deficiencies in the accounting of funds which were identified in the audit of the report of the financial year 2017 will not be eliminated, the government and the public will not be able to obtain qualitative and sufficient information on the total amount of public funds used for all Latvia’s centenary celebrations. (more…)

The teacher remuneration system should be simpler and easier to understand

According to the State Audit Office, the state must introduce clearer rules for the remuneration of teachers to avoid excessive bureaucracy in the accounting of the working hours and salaries of teachers who work at local government educational institutions, to reduce the high risk of committing violations, and to make the system easier to maintain. (more…)

Governments could have done much more in the field of energy efficiency of public sector buildings

BUDAPEST-BRATISLAVA-BRUSSELS-LISBON-RIGA-SOFIA-TALLINN-VILNIUS – Eight European Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) have concluded a cooperative audit that found that the efforts towards fulfilling the public sector’s leading role in the field of energy efficiency of buildings – a central requirement of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) – should have been greater and more systematic. (more…)

The tariffs for electricity distribution services do not fully satisfy the interests of their users

Although the tariffs of the electricity distribution system’s services of the joint stock company “Sadales tīkls” are calculated in accordance with the methodology established by the Public Utilities Commission, it cannot be said that the tariffs fully ensure the interests of the services’ users as specified in the law. (more…)

The State Audit Office asks the Regulator to evaluate the calculation methodology for electricity distribution service tariffs

The conclusions of the audit of the State Audit Office on the distribution service tariffs of the joint stock company “Sadales tīkls” confirm that the recommendations of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co‑operation and Development) that were received a few years ago regarding the setting of public service tariffs should be thoroughly evaluated and implemented in order to ensure and balance out both the interests of the public service provider as well as the users. (more…)

Supreme Audit Institutions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia launch a joint audit on the Rail Baltica project

This week, the Supreme Audit Institutions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia launched a joint audit in order to evaluate the management of internal control systems and public procurement of the Rail Baltica project. (more…)