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State Audit Office also assumes responsibility for development of international audit standards of the public sector

From 1 January 2017, Advisor to Auditor General in strategic matters Marita Salgrāve will begin work in the Forum of INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) of the most influencial international auditors association INTOSAI that unites supreme audit institutions of 192 countries. But FIPP is responsible for the quality of standards developed by INTOSAI and provides guidelines to the standing committees of INTOSAI for improvement of the standards. (more…)

Auditors from Tajikistan arrive for a training visit in the State Audit Office

On the morning of Monday, November 28, a week-long training visit in the State Audit Office was begun by the representatives of the Audit Chamber and Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan. The objective of the visit is to learn about the operation of the State Audit Office and its best practice in order to implement it in Tajikistan. The guests have planned a visit with the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments. (more…)

State Audit experts provide professional support to audit personnel of Moldova Supreme Audit Institution

The State Audit continues to actively work on increasing the capacity of the supreme audit institutions of the EU Eastern Partnership’s partners to pave their way to a complete integration of international standards in their work. As a member of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), the State Audit is highly valued among the EU’s eastern partners which can be validated by its professional experience thus far and its activities for improving its operation. (more…)

Latvian auditors share their experience in financial audits

Within the framework of a cooperation project, on 16–18 November a meeting of Latvia, Georgia and Moldova’s representatives from supreme audit institutions (SAI) took place in Sweden. The main focus of the seminar was financial audits. Upon Sweden’s SAI initiative, the involved parties took part in the project to facilitate the increasing of the capacity of Moldovan and Georgian partners in financial auditing in accordance with international principles and standards. (more…)

State: the main capitalist of Latvia, but is it successful?

State Audit Office makes public a discussion paper in the area of state and municipal capital companies.
Discussion paper includes the insights and reflections on challenges gained during the audits by the State Audit Office that would allow prevention of systemic problems and invite the public to find better solutions. State and municipal capital companies play a major role in the economy of Latvia.


Training cycle run by the State Audit Office in the supreme audit institution of Ukraine concluded

As a member organisation of international and European supreme audit association (INTOSAI and EUROSAI), the State Audit Office has been actively participating in conducting cooperation measures in relation to operational development of the supreme audit institutions (SAI) of the eastern partnership countries. (more…)

Invitation to Conduct Audits on Energy and Climate Matters

On 20-21 October, the Annual Meeting of the Contact Committee of the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union took place in Bratislava, Slovakia. This year’s topic of the meeting seminar was devoted to the EU energy policy and climate matters. (more…)

Working group for oversight of the “Rail Baltica” project established

The Contact Committee of the Heads of the EU Supreme Audit Institutions is meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, this week, and representatives of State Audit Office participate in it as well. (more…)

EU co-financing to the Krievu sala project is threatened not only by the decrease of the volumes of the coal cargo

On 18 October, the Public Expenditure and Audit Committee of the Parliament /Saeima/ announced the implementation of recommendations provided by the State Audit Office after the audit “Lawfulness, efficiency and economy of the operations of the Rīga Freeport Authority during management and implementation of the project “Development of Infrastructure on Krievu Sala for the Transfer of Port Activities from the City Centre””. (more…)

Government held hostage by its own decisions in AS “Citadeles Banka” sale transaction

State Audit Office has concluded audit “Has the process of selling the state-owned capital shares of joint stock company “Citadele banka” been such that the state would gain maximum possible amount of funds?” (more…)