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How to improve out-patient healthcare in Latvia?

The State Audit Office has closed the audit including research of the organization of out-patient healthcare and verification, whether residents of Latvia received the foreseen services, whether the planned intentions in the field of prevention have been achieved and general practitioners are available also in the outermost regions of Latvia, as well as whether funds allocated for the provision of out-patient healthcare have been put to good use. (more…)

International public sector audit standards applicable in Latvia shall be established by the Auditor General

On 15 December 2016, the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia (Saeima) approved amendments of the Law On Sworn Auditors. Amendments of the law provide for the competence of the head of the Supreme audit institution of Latvia – the Auditor General – to establish the public sector audit standards applicable in Latvia. (more…)

The Saeima re-elects Elita Krūmiņa for the office of the Auditor General

The Saeima Press Service informs that on January 19 Members of the Parliament re-elected the current Head of the State Audit Office Elita Krūmiņa for the office of the Auditor General. Candidacy of Ms Krūmiņa was supported by 85 Members of the Parliament, and no one voted against it. (more…)

State Audit Office: Will contribution of the EU structural funds in the area of education in Latvia be justified?

Alongside the audits of 12 other state supreme audit institutions of the European Union (EU), the State Audit Office has concluded the assessment of contribution of the EU structural funds to fulfilment of strategic targets of “Europe 2020” in the area of education. (more…)

By violating procurement regulations, MJSC “Daugavpils siltumtīkli” creates doubt regarding long-term stability of thermal energy tariff

State Audit Office has finished audit “Compliance of Operation of Municipality Joint-Stock Company “Daugavpils siltumtīkli” with the Planned Goals and Requirements of Regulatory Enactments”. Audit did not find discrepancies in determining the tariff for thermal energy provision service, yet no assurance was obtained regarding maintenance of long-term stability of the thermal energy tariff. (more…)

Experts of State Audit Office speak at an international conference

Lelde Dimante, Manager of Audit Result Analysis and Improvement Processes of the State Audit Office, participated in the annual international conference “Audit, Taxes, and Accounting 2016”, where she reported on “Challenges Identified by the State Audit Office in the Area of Improving the Work of Local Governments”. (more…)

Forum of Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU Eastern Partnership to take place in Riga

On December 14, the official 2-day visit to the State Audit Office will be started by the heads and representatives of Supreme Audit Institutions from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Sweden. During the visit, the guests will meet also with the State President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as participate in the session of Public Expenditure and Audit Committee of the Saeima.  (more…)

More thorough and responsible administration and management of state real estate required

State Audit Office has completed an audit “Operational Efficiency of “Health Care Real Estate”, Ltd. (HCRE, Ltd.) in Administration of State Real Estate Used for Needs of Health Care System”. Audit concludes that operation of HCRE, Ltd., has not justified the purpose of its establishment, but its liquidation has been conducted in a careless manner and not in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments. (more…)

State Audit Office also assumes responsibility for development of international audit standards of the public sector

From 1 January 2017, Advisor to Auditor General in strategic matters Marita Salgrāve will begin work in the Forum of INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) of the most influencial international auditors association INTOSAI that unites supreme audit institutions of 192 countries. But FIPP is responsible for the quality of standards developed by INTOSAI and provides guidelines to the standing committees of INTOSAI for improvement of the standards. (more…)

Auditors from Tajikistan arrive for a training visit in the State Audit Office

On the morning of Monday, November 28, a week-long training visit in the State Audit Office was begun by the representatives of the Audit Chamber and Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan. The objective of the visit is to learn about the operation of the State Audit Office and its best practice in order to implement it in Tajikistan. The guests have planned a visit with the representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia and Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments. (more…)