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Conclusions of the State Audit Office on the declaration system of public officials interest the Moroccan state administration’s reformers.

On June 25, 2018, the State Audit Office was visited by representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration Reform of Morocco and the Supreme Audit Institution who had come to study and take note of the State Audit Office’s conclusions on the declaration system of public officials. (more…)

Ambitious Plans and Non-used Possibilities in the Management of Immovable Properties Owned by the University of Latvia

By implementing its approved development strategy more purposefully, the University of Latvia might increase revenue from its immovable properties. This would enable the university to obtain additional funding to be used for the development of the new Academic Centre. (more…)

At first, it is necessary to understand how must a service necessary for the State costs and only then allocate funds

The funding for laboratory investigations in the field of food and veterinary supervision, as well as the preservation of fish resources is still allocated based on historical data. (more…)

Time for changes in the Youth Guard movement

In view of the organisation’s plurality and significantly increased funding, as well as the introduction of national defence training at secondary schools and overall awareness of the involvement of society in national defence, the place and role of the Youth Guard in Latvia must be re-evaluated and further specified. (more…)

State Audit Office signs Memorandum of Cooperation with the Supreme Audit Institution of Laosas

In order to strengthen cooperation of supreme audit institutions of Latvia and Laos, to promote exchange of knowledge and experience of professionals in the sector in order to increase audit efficiency, State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia today, on May 21, signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the Supreme Audit Institution of People’s Democratic Republic of Laos. (more…)

Specialists of the State Audit Office Provided Support to Serbian Colleagues on Their Way to EU

On 10 May, the Auditor General Elita Krūmiņa participated in the final meeting of the support project of the Serbian Supreme Audit Institution, expressing gratitude for successful cooperation between Latvia and Serbia and the results achieved within the framework of the project. (more…)

Public benefit from the State funding in the field of professional theatre and music — non-traceable

The possibilities of the society to ascertain how effectively taxpayers’ money is spent in order to achieve the national cultural policy objectives in the field of professional theatre and music are still limited, the State Audit Office concludes. (more…)

Innovative approaches and techniques in local government auditing: experience of the State Audit Office of Latvia


Supreme audit institutions (SAIs) are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their audit capacity and effectively disseminate audit results to stakeholders. What steps can SAIs take to increase the added value of audits and decrease the risks of bad governance? (more…)

The State Audit Office detects violations in Municipal Police of Ķekava County

During the audit on local governments’ activities in the field of public order, the State Audit Office has established that the Ķekava local government is underestimating the most important public order problems in the county, whereas the shortcomings in the control of funding have raised concerns about the uneconomical use of funds. (more…)

Do the residents of Ventspils City know what Ventspils Municipal Police do daily?

Instructing Municipal Police to provide the Council’s officials with road transport, the Ventspils City Municipality creates a false impression on resources for ensuring public order. Municipal Police, in addition to direct duties, also engage in the provision of fee-paid services. (more…)