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Press Statement by the Auditor General and the Ombudsman on the Situation in Out-of-Family Care and the Need for Immediate Change

The State Audit Office and the Ombudsman are independent institutions with different mandates and research methods. However, the two institutions have come to similar conclusions having carried out two independent studies on the efficiency of the out-of-family care system. (more…)

The State Audit Office Focuses on Auditing of Infrastructure Objects in Local Governments

The appeal of the State Audit Office addressed to the public to engage in the identification of audit objects has received a great deal of response and has led the auditors to expand the scope of the planned audit, wherefore the State Audit Office is grateful to every provider of information. (more…)

The Delegation of the Supreme Audit Institution and the Parliament of Georgia Visits Latvia for an Exchange of Experience

The representatives of the Supreme Audit Institution and the Parliament of Georgia are visiting the State Audit Office for an exchange of experience on 1 April and 2 April 2019. The visit is aimed at strengthening the compliance of the operation of the Supreme Audit Institution of Georgia with International Standards on Auditing and best practices, as well as sharing the experience of the State Audit Office in cooperation with the Parliament. (more…)

The Saeima approves Ms Inga Vilka to the Council of the State Audit Office

Today, 21 March 2019, the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia approved Dr.oec. Inga Vilka as the Member of the Council of the State Audit Office for a four-year term. She will assume the office on March 26 and will lead the Audit Department of the State Audit Office responsible for auditing Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Ministry of Culture, as well as several central government institutions. (more…)

Auditor General discusses international cooperation in the area of external communication with Spanish and Turkish counterparts

As part of a two-day working visit, Auditor General Elita Krūmiņa met the heads of the supreme audit organisations of Spain and Turkey in order to discuss the agenda of the Governing Board of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI)* in the area of its communication strategy. (more…)

State Audit Office objects to the idea of letting children use hunting weapons

The State Audit Office does not support the changes planned to the Law on the Handling of Weapons that would permit the use of firearms in hunting already as of age sixteen. (more…)

Development of Riga transport infrastructure – inefficient and does not solve problems

The Municipality of Riga, in developing the transport infrastructure of the city, acted inefficiently, not economically and not in compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations. There is a lack of targeted solutions to long-standing problems, while the implementation of existing projects has been chaotic and non-transparent. (more…)

The municipality does not encourage the reduction of the number of cars in the centre of Riga

Although the Municipality of Riga has set a target to reduce the number of cars in the city centre, it does not solve essentially the problems caused by the traffic flow. The State Audit Office has concluded that the municipality does not have unified approaches to parking issues: the streets of the centre of Riga have been overloaded for a long time and the number of road traffic accidents is also increasing. (more…)

State Audit Office sees future risks in the activity of the tennis center “Lielupe”

Weaknesses in the management system of the tennis center “Lielupe” in the Ministry of Education and Science and in the tennis center itself establishes risk that after completion of the reconstruction, internationally compliant courts will be half empty and the tennis center will not be able to cover all maintenance costs. (more…)

Funding Required to Latvian Cadet Force Calculated, Development Plans Still Unclear

In the opinion of the State Audit Office, the current Latvian Cadet Force training system is neither of good quality nor safe. Such conclusion was made by the State Audit Office after completing the audit on legality and effectiveness of the use of funding granted to Cadet Force development that was conducted in 2018. (more…)