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Representatives of the State Audit Office Participate in a Meeting in Lithuania Devoted to the “Rail Baltica” Project. Possibilities of Carrying out a Project Audit Will Be Considered

Today, on 28 June, a meeting devoted to the “Rail Baltica” project is taking place in Vilnius with the participation of State Audit Office representatives Agnis Jakovļevs and Marija Sološenko. (more…)

State Audit Office and state management internal auditors discuss the executed tasks and further plans

In order to strengthen cooperation, report on executed tasks, plan the further activities and share the experience, annual meeting of the representatives of State Audit Control and state management internal auditors took place in the premises of State Audit Control (SAC) on June 14. (more…)

The State Audit Office participating in the international conference OAG’s Response to Global Challenges

The Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia Elita Krūmiņa and the Adviser to the Auditor General in strategic issues Marita Salgrāve are participating in the international conference OAG’s Response to Global Challenges taking place in Oslo, Norway, from 16 June until 17 June. (more…)

State Control Office will provide assistance to supreme audit institutions of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

State Control Office being the member organization of international and European Supreme Audit Institution association (INTOSAI and EIROSAI), has actively participated in the realization of cooperation events regarding the development of activity of supreme audit institutions (SAI) of Eastern partnership countries. (more…)

Five representatives of State Audit Office have gone to Georgia for the exchange of experience

Within the scope of activities related to the exchange of experience, we are gratified about the cooperation with Supreme Audit Institution of Georgia. This week five representatives of State Audit Office (SAO) – representatives of Audit and methodology department Iveta Burkane and Liga Nagle, Chief of SAO audit result analysis and development processes Lelde Dimante, Chief of First section of SAO Fifth audit department Tereze Mazberzina and Auditor of SAO Second audit department Larisa Reine, have gone to Tbilisi in order to discuss the issues on financial audits. (more…)

Member of State Audit Office Council E. Korčagins participates in EU conference on strengthening of parliamentary oversight, in Moldova

On May 31, 2016 director of State Audit Office (SAO) Fifth audit department Edgars Korčagins represented SAO in conference “Strengthening parliamentary oversight and the role of the supreme audit institution for improving the management of public finance” organized in Kishinev by European Union delegation in Moldova and Audit Chamber of Moldova. (more…)

State Audit Office: Stricter actions by the State are required in fields concerning the responsibility of officials

In 2015, the State Audit Office continued performance of audits at municipalities, including the assessment of the management of capital companies. The State Audit Office completed systemic audits in such important service areas for a company as fire security, assistant services for persons with disabilities, management of residential buildings, and other areas. (more…)

For the First Time, the State Audit Office Grants Certificates of Recognition for Successful Cooperation to Five Institutions

In May, this year, the State Audit Office established an award — Certificate of Recognition. It is granted under a special procedure, which assesses contribution of the State Audit Office’s audit units and cooperation partners in reaching the aims of the Office, including evaluates cooperation with the Office during the audit. (more…)

No control over expenditure of state budget funds allocated to large ports for infrastructure development

Around 90 % of payments made by large Latvian ports to the state budget are allocated to port authorities for public infrastructure development. However, the conformity control over the expenditure of these funds is practically non-existent. Thus, the State Audit Office cannot give its opinion whether the expenditure of these funds for the development of ports’ public infrastructure conforms to its intended purpose. (more…)

Due to inaction of the Ministry of Health the number of persons who have not completed the residency has quintupled and the state has not recovered almost one million euros

The Ministry of Health (MH) has not complied with the requirements of laws and regulations on recovery of state budget funds used to train residents and has not implemented efficient monitoring of the use of state budget funds provided for residency, as a result during seven years the number of persons who have not completed the residency has quintupled and the state has not recovered the funds almost in the amount of one million euros, concluded the State Audit Office. (more…)