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The State Audit Office calls for responsibility and mutual support

Our country is facing an unprecedented challenge – managing crisis with many uncertainties and variables. We are also short of time, which means making decisions based on possibly incomplete information. Like the rest of the world, we do not have any experience in preventing and combating such situations. While our experience is the one, usually helping us to make better decisions. (more…)

The Ministry of Health and General Practitioners Must Prioritise the Interests of the Patient

Within two years after the audit report of the State Audit Office on the effectiveness of outpatient health care was made public, one has not managed to implement any recommendation to make the role of general practitioners (GP) in health care much more compliant with the best interests of the patient and improve GP availability. (more…)

The Ministry of Transport Was Not Ready for the Implementation of Such an Ambitious Project like Rail Baltica

In search of the reasons for the delay and increased costs of the Rail Baltica project, the State Audit Office has established that its successful implementation lacks the essential prerequisites for project management, such as risk management, strategy development for the Latvian Implementing Body, SIA Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas, and assignment of officials responsible for the project and their responsibilities in the Ministry of Transport. (more…)

The State Audit Office: Both Attitude of the State and the Owners Should be Changed to Save Apartment Houses

Thousands of Latvian residents live in their own or rented apartments apartment houses managed by local government, many of which are hazardous to health and life. The State Audit Office has concluded that the housing policy has not actually existed in the country since the denationalisation process. A huge part of Latvia’s housing stock degrades even to a condition of a slum. (more…)

The State Audit Office Detects All-embracing Violations in Construction Work of Latvian-Russian State Border

When establishing the Latvian-Russian borderland, at least 7.14 million euros of state budget funds and property were used illegally. Following the audit, the State Audit Office came to this conclusion by detecting violations of laws and regulations, including unlawful major deviations from the approved construction project. (more…)

Paying for Work Not Done and Unfeasible Work while Arranging the Internal Border

One has wasted at least one million euros of budget assets and property for maintaining the Latvian-Estonian and Latvian-Lithuanian borderland. The State Audit Office of Latvia reached such a conclusion when also assessing the maintenance costs of the Latvian-Estonian and Latvian-Lithuanian borderland in parallel with the audit of the establishment works of the external borderland of Latvia. (more…)

Rail Baltica project implementation needs to be enhanced to manage the risk of the project cost and time overruns

TALLINN – RIGA – VILNIUS, 7 January 2020 – The Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have completed a joint audit which concluded that roles, responsibilities and procedures for managing the Rail Baltica project were mostly in place. Still, the inefficiencies in the project management present a risk that the project will exceed the agreed budget and timeline. (more…)

The State Audit Office and Internal Auditors Discuss the Development of Cooperation in a Joint Forum

On December 12, the annual forum of the State Audit Office and internal auditors took place finalising the pilot project of the State Audit Office based on cooperation with internal auditors of public administration under direct assistance mode. The event provided an overview of the progress and results of the audits of the Annual Report for the financial year 2018, as well as discussed further cooperation in the audit of the Annual Report for the year 2019 and other current issues of cooperation. (more…)

National Development Plan: Formality or Unbiased Need for National Development?

Valērijs Stūris, Head of Policy Planning Projects and Analytical Processes of the State Audit Office of Latvia

In his recent public comment[1], “Prudentia” Partner Ģirts Rungainis, whose opinion not only economic experts listen to, has described the National Development Plan (hereinafter referred to as NDP) as a technical document, which only maintains the hygiene for Latvia as an open and small economy in the context of the challenges identified by the European Union.


Experts of the State Audit Office Lead a Training Program for Moldovan Colleagues

From November 25 to November 27, the experts of the State Audit Office of Latvia are staying in Moldova, where they conduct a training program for their colleagues at the Supreme Audit Institution of Moldova on ethical aspects of the supreme audit institutions and audit quality control procedures, which are crucial principles for ensuring high-quality auditing. (more…)