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State Audit Office welcomes Lithuanian colleagues for an experience exchange visit

In order to get an international experience, State Audit Office invited and on 10th July welcomed colleagues from Lithuanian supreme audit institution (Lietuvos Respublikos valstybės kontrolė) for an experience exchange visit to discuss current topics in different audit types, work organisation, as well as what results are expected from supreme audit institution (SAI) by legislature, executive and society. (more…)

The State Audit Office Involves in the Improvement of the INTOSAI Standards

This year on July 16–22 in Ottawa, Canada, the fifth meeting of the Forum for Intosai Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) (further — the Forum) of the most prominent international organisation of supreme audit institutions INTOSAI took place, where decisions on improving the existing International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) and on the development of new international auditing standards were made, which are important for the public sector auditors as a profession. (more…)

SAO: Open data: untapped possibilities in business, research and public administration

When conducting audit, State Audit Office has concluded that development of open data area in Latvia is not sufficient and invites Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development to assess and determine priority data sets to be opened, as well as to promote free-of-charge access to information accumulated by public administration. (more…)

SAO: authorities should exchange information at own initiative instead of requesting it from inhabitants

State Audit Office analysed the way public administration processes information it has accumulated. It was concluded that the ministry in charge of information and communication technologies (ICT) and e-administration areas, i.e. the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (Ministry) was aware of data exchange issues, for a long time, yet it failed to introduce respective solutions. In the meantime, 75 authorities maintain 178 state information systems. To provide service to inhabitants, the authorities should exchange information; however, such exchange is a troublesome and resource-intensive process in real life. In some cases, people even have to act as messengers travelling between authorities with information, which i (more…)

SAO: MoF and SRS should assess effectiveness of application of fines

State Audit Office has conducted an audit to assess practice of application of fines by the State Revenue Service. From 2014 to 2016, SRS has applied 52,000 fines for the total amount of almost EUR 12 million. (more…)

State Audit Office continues to provide support to supreme audit institutions of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova

In 2017 as well State Audit Office will be involved in achieving goals of Latvian development cooperation policy and continue initiatives to raise capacity of Ukrainian, Moldovan and Georgian supreme audit institutions in the ISSAI integration process. (more…)

The State Audit Office: work shall be continued to improve the efficiency of court operations

After the assessment of development measures of judiciary system, the State Audit Office has concluded that all in all the planned measures have been implemented, however, it cannot be claimed that all the circumstances hindering the litigation procedure have been eliminated. (more…)

State Audit Institutions of Latvia and Croatia Sign a Cooperation Memorandum

Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia Elita Krūmiņa and her Advisor in Strategic Matters Marita Salgrāve visited the Croatian State Audit Institution (Državni ured za reviziju) to discuss the strategic goals, priorities and challenges of both institutions to find common grounds for mutual cooperation. (more…)

State Audit Office: Strengthening effectiveness and responsibility were the main focus areas in 2016

In 2016, the State Audit Office focused on the development and enhancement of initiatives commenced in the previous years, thereby raising the awareness of the State and local governments about the effectiveness of the use of public funds and the responsibility of officials about the decisions taken. (more…)

State Audit Office Elected to the EUROSAI Board

The State Audit Office was elected to the Board of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI). The State Audit Office became one of eight members of the EUROSAI Board for the next six years.The Board member mandate was obtained in serious competition as Supreme Audit Institutions of 50 EUROSAI member states voted at a closed ballot organised in two stages. (more…)