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The State Audit Office: Tax Relief Scheme Must Be Revised to Make the Support Meaningful

Every year, with more than 200 various tax reliefs applied to businesses and citizens, the state budget does not get about 2.5 billion euro. Tax relief can be a quick way for the state to provide financial support to solve specific problems. (more…)

ICT infrastructure requires more efficient and safe management

Maintenance of the ICT infrastructure cost 62 million euros to the country in 2018, and spending continues to grow. Hence, one must address the issue urgently on how to manage this large-scale area, which is dispersed across many institutions but is strategically important. (more…)

The risk of efficient use of 20 million euro for fare relief is still high

The electronic identification system for recipients of fare relief on regional routes planned two years ago, which should have been launched already in January 2021, may be significantly delayed. Such a scenario will not result in any future savings in public budget funds granted for compensation of planned public transport services. (more…)

Separate hunting clubs enjoy the special grace of national security agencies

The audits carried out by the State Audit Office show that both security ministries, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry Interior, have the cooperation not characteristic for public administration with hunting clubs, which enjoy privileged status concerning the use of public resources for their own needs. (more…)

The Saeima Standing Committee supports the extension of the powers of the State Audit Office in the recovery of losses

The State Administration and Local Government Committee of the Saeima supported the further review of the amendments to the State Audit Office Law at the second reading after their four year-long staying in the Saeima. Thea amendments envisage the recovery of losses from a person if the audit reveals illegal actions with public funds and property. (more…)

One should think of increasing the use of the electric car-charging network to reduce the losses of the network

The scope of the financial audits of 2018 carried out by the State Audit Office included measures for provision of an electric car (EC) charging infrastructure, wherefore 3.5 million euro from the state budget have been already spent. (more…)

Annual reports of ministries and key authorities reveal that the funds allocated to national development do not achieve its goals

The State Audit Office has completed the annual audits on the correctness of the annual reports of state authorities and informs about unacceptable trends in the planning and spending of the funds for national development. (more…)

The never-ending story of privatisation is starting to empty the state budget

Privatisation in Latvia was launched in 1991. Although it was already admitted in 2003 that the goal of privatization is basically reached and one plans to complete the privatization process by 2010, and the State Audit Office has paid attention to the Ministry of Economics and the Privatization Agency by providing recommendations for predictable and cost-efficient completion of the privatization process during the expediency audit in 2016, final deadline has not been fixed yet. (more…)

Invitations to state events are still distributed without a certain procedure and criteria

Within five years, the Ministry of Culture has not taken sufficient steps to develop a transparent and clear procedure for issuing invitations to invite officials, legal entities, or individuals to the cultural events of national significance. (more…)

The State Police marshals its own car fleet according to the recommendations of the State Audit Office

After comparing the data of 2017 and 2018 in terms of fuel consumption and mileage analysis of the State Police vehicles, the State Audit Office has established that the amount of fuel actually used in 2018 has decreased by 12.3% or 352,490 litres if compared to 2017, which resulted in the state budget savings of more than 400 thousand euro in 2018. (more…)