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Annual report – 2004


When evaluating the last year’s performance we are looking to the future with certainty

1. Report of the directors of State Audit Office audit departments on performance in 2004

1.1. Guna Kalnina – Priede, State Budget Audit Department
1.2. Agris Krumins, State Economic Activities Audit Department
1.3. Agris Krumins, Local Government  Audit Department

1.4. Indulis Skibelis, Privatisation Process Audit Department
1.5. Uldis Greiskalns, Audit Methodology, Analysis and Development Department

2. Legal status and structure of the institution

2.1. Legal status of the State Audit Office
2.2. Structure of the State Audit Office

3. Main tasks and priorities

4. The most significant results of the reporting year

4.1. Audit results
4.2. Audit methodology 

4.3. Strengthening administrative capacity
4.4. Internal audit
4.5. Funding of the State Audit Office and its utilisation
4.6. Personnel of the State Audit Office and its development in 2004

5. International cooperation

5.1. Cooperation between the supreme audit institutions of the acceding countries of the European Union, Cyprus, Malta and Turkey and the European Court of Auditors
5.2. Cooperation with INTOSAI
5.3. Cooperation with EUROSAI
5.4. Cooperation with the European Court of Auditors

5.5. Cooperation with the Baltic States and the Nordic countries

6. Audit work at the State Audit Office

6.1. Main topics of the audits completed in the reporting year
6.2. Use of audit results