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Publications in international journals

Since the renewal of activities of the State Audit Office, its experts are not only actively involved in international projects, but also prepare publications about the work carried out by the State Audit Office for official journals of international auditing institutions.


EUROSAI Magazine

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 24, 2018


EUROSAI Magazine Nº 23, 2017

Task Force On Municipality Audit: From Local To Global

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 22, 2016

Role and importance of Supreme Audit Institutions in auditing state-owned enterprises (Case of Latvia)

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 21, 2015

Meeting of the Contact Committee of the Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions of the European Union and the European Court of Auditors in 2015. Riga, Latvia, 18-19 June 2015


EUROSAI Magazine Nº 20, 2014

Latvian SAI Audit Report Summaries Get Video Format


EUROSAI Magazine Nº 18, 2012

Strengthening External Public Auditing: a Safeguard for Financial Sustainability and Good Governance. Preconditions to Become a Good Governance Safeguard

 EUROSAI Magazine Nº 16, 2010

SAIs as a guarantee for transparency and sound management of democratic states

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 15, 2009

Use of the State Capital Shall Be Efficient, Appropriate and Transparent

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 13, 2007

Priorities of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia in 2006 – training of personnel and recruiting new professionals

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 11, 2005

Conclusions of the Meeting of the Head of Supreme Audit Institutions of Central and Eastern European Countries, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey and the European Court of Auditors in Riga, Latvia, March 31 – April 1, 2004

EUROSAI Magazine Nº 3, 1996

The State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia


EUROSAI Innovations

EUROSAI Innovations, 2019


EUROSAI Innovation IV, 2016

Stepping outside audits – Effective approaches to raising impact

EUROSAI Innovation III, 2015

New public relations initiatives: video blogs, illustrative pictures, and popular TV news moderator

EUROSAI Innovation II, 2013

Assessment of State’s financial management within the audit of the consolidated statement



INTOSAI Journal, Autumn 2018

SAO of Latvia Celebrates 95 Years

INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2018

Using innovative tools and techniques in local government auditing. State Audit Office of Latvia Shares Recent Experience

INTOSAI Journal, Autumn 2017

SAO Latvia provides training on international Auditing standarts

INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2017

New law permits Auditor General to set applicable international standards


INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2016

Seeking ways to increase the liability of civil servants and public employees for squandering of public assets


INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2015

SAI Latvia strives for new reforms

 INTOSAI Journal, Winter 2015

SAI Latvia works with law enforcement agencies to achieve good governance


INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2014

Training program on public administration and audit

 INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2013

New Auditor General

INTOSAI Journal, Summer 2009

Annual Report for 2008

INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2009

New Auditor General Appointed

INTOSAI Journal, Autumn 2008

Anniversary of the State Audit Office

INTOSAI Journal, Autumn 2007

Annual Report for 2006 Issued

INTOSAI Journal, Spring 2006

The State Audit Office’s Strategic Development Plan and Collaborative Projects


PM World Journal

PM World Journal, Volume V, Issue 10, October 2016

Implementation of the eHealth Project in Latvia

PM World Journal, Volume V, Issue 6, June 2016

Project Management in the Port Development Project in Latvia

PM World Journal, Volume IV, Issue 7, July 2015

Project Management and audit perspective in EU – Importance of cooperation among EU Supreme Audit Institutions highlighted in Riga, Latvia