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The Reluctance of Ministries Can Lead to the State Audit Office Refusing to Express an Opinion on the Annual Report of the State for Financial Year 2019


Misrepresented or unaccounted state and municipal property worth at least 1.7 billion euros, including peat bogs, sand, and gravel deposits that are being developed at the same time where somebody is making a profit. The value of the state guarantees was reduced by 33.8 million euros unduly.

The Budget Money Allocated to the Priorities Is Flowing to Other Needs

In its annual audit on the accurateness of the national annual report, the State Audit Office has found unacceptable trends in the planning, using, and monitoring of national development-related spending.

Law is Still Breached in Terms of the Remuneration of Local or Regional Government Councillors

Alignment of the legal framework for the remuneration of local government councillors is still pending. The audit of the annual report of the state that the State Audit Office carried out has established actually the same situation as it had been a year ago.

Confusion over the Accounting of Municipal Authorities and the Delegation of Administrative Tasks to Commercial Companies

One can find information on municipal bodies, authorities, and enterprises in various public sources. However, it is distinctive and often misleading. One can observe different understanding of the law requirements in different local governments when they entrust commercial companies with some of their functions.

The State Audit Office Expects from the Treasury More Than Just an “Accounting” Approach to the Preparation of Annual Reports of Authorities

Latvia is the only Baltic State, where state accounting is managed in a decentralised manner without using the opportunity to save budget funds. The implementation of financial accounting standardisation and accounting centralisation projects has virtually come to a halt.

The SRS should become more citizen-friendly

Last year, nearly 70.5 thousand taxpayers did not receive personal income tax relief on time because the State Revenue Service (SRS) was not using the information at its disposal.

State Audit Office: one must know the causes of new tax arrears and improve IT governance of the tax administration

The State Revenue Service (SRS) has still not remedied the deficiencies in information system (IS) security management, which the State Audit Office had already pointed out in 2015.

Experts of the State Audit Office of Latvia Share Their Experience with Ukrainian Colleagues


Within the framework of international cooperation, the State Audit Office of Latvia participates in building the capacity of supreme audit institutions of Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union (EU) to help integrate international audit standards in their activities.

Local Governments Borrow and Build Recklessly: Ill-considered Projects Place a Huge Burden on the Municipal Budgets in the Future


The practice of many local governments in borrowing state budget funds for the construction of objects that are too large and unsuitable for the realities and needs of the local government is evidence of short-term thinking and irresponsible attitude towards their future expenses.

Information Provided by the Population Extends the Scope of the State Audit Office’s Audit


On September 18, the State Audit Office will disclose the results of the audit, which evaluated municipal infrastructure objects constructed with financing from EU funds and the loan granted by the State Treasury. The information sent by the population contributed significantly to the selection of the objects for this audit.