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Completion stage

The state of audit completion includes evaluation of obtained results, aggregation of findings, drawing conclusions, preparation of recommendations for eliminating the revealed shortages, preparation and approval of audit report and expressing an opinion in case of financial audit.

During audit completion phase the audit team prepares a draft audit report. The auditors of the State Audit Office are responsible for provision of audit report based on appropriate, sufficient and reliable audit evidence gathered during the audit.

The audited entity has the rights to provide a written opinion on draft audit report and to provide explanations. Explanations provided by the audited entity are reviewed at presence of its representatives by providing them with an opportunity of providing their opinion and arguments and to provide information on planned measures for implementation of recommendations of the State Audit Office; also time schedule is agreed according to which the audited entity undertakes to provide the State Audit Control with information on progress of implementation of the recommendations.

Audit is completed when the audit department has taken a decision on approval of the audit report, the opinion and the time schedule for reporting of audited entity on implementation of recommendations.

The State Audit Office discloses information on completed audits after the decision of the audit department on the audit report and the opinion has become effective. This means that up to the moment when the audit department’s decision on the audit report and the opinion becomes effective, all information related to a specific audit is having a status of restricted access.

When the documents are effective the State Audit Office submits informative material on the audit and a copy of audit report to the line minister of the respective sector and to the minister of finances. If the State Audit Office concludes that the revealed shortcomings are material regulatory incompliances, information is prepared and sent to law enforcement institutions, and employees of the State Audit Office follow-up the measures performed by those institutions.

After audit has been completed the State Audit Office ensures supervision over elimination of shortages which are revealed in the audited entity, and during this process the audit team leader follows the observance of time schedule regarding reporting of the audited entity on implementation of recommendations.