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Subjects of Audit

The State Audit Office has the rights to determine the audited entity, the time, the type and the aims of audit.

The State Audit Office annually performs audits on correctness of preparation of annual financial statements of all ministries and central public authorities as well as it performs financial audit on Annual Report of the Republic of Latvia on implementation of the State budget and budgets of local governments.

Regulatory and performance audits are performed according to annual audit plan approved by the Council of the State Audit Office. Subjects of such audits are proposed by audit departments based on annual strategic evaluation of auditable fields, on identified risks and on other factors for example on urgency of the matter, on information provided by cooperation partners — population and institutions, and on information available on media. The Council of the State Audit Office decides on inclusion of a certain audit in the work plan of the State Audit Office by evaluating the priorities and available resources of the State Audit Office and by determining:

  • specific subjects of audit;
  • planned calendar time of the audit;
  • planned number of man-hours;
  • necessary audit budget.