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On Accuracy and Completeness of Financial Statement (Annual Report) for 2016 of the Ministry of Economics

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The time has come to decide on finalising privatisation, according to the State Audit Office

Apartment House Administration Efficiency and Compliance with Regulatory Enactments

Management of apartment houses in the State is drifting towards unclear future without policy and objectives, says State Audit Office

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Regulatory compliance of actions of Liepaja Special Economic Zone Authority

On correctness of preparation of the annual report for 2010 of the Ministry of Economics

Effectiveness of the Activities of the State Chancellery and Conformity Thereof to the Requirements of Regulatory Enactments in Performing the Functions of the Intermediate Body in the Introduction of the European Social Fund and in the Implementation of European Union Fund Projects in the 2007-2013 Planning Period

Performance of the Function of Construction Supervision and Control after the Reorganisation of the State Construction Inspection