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On Accuracy and Completeness of Financial Statement (Annual Report) for 2016 of the Ministry of Transport

Regarding Correctness of Preparation of the Annual Account of the Ministry of Transport for 2015

Does the Riga Freeport Authority successfully implements the project “Development of Infrastructure on Krievu Island for the Transfer of Port Activities from the City Centre”?

Future of 77 million euro EU funding for Krievu Island project is unclear, finds State Audit Office

On accuracy and reliability of the Annual Financial Statement for 2014 of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

Compliance of the allocation of national budget subsidy for railway passenger transportation service providers and its usage with the requirements of legal acts, and effectivity and compliance of the activity of JSC „Pasazieru vilciens” with legal acts

Implementation of regulatory audit „Evaluation of the operation of Ministry of Transport by administrating State joint-stock company (SJSC) “Latvijas Pasts” and evaluation of conformity of the operation of SJSC „Latvijas Pasts” to the requirements of legal acts, and assessment of the efficiency of operation” suggestions

Implementation of recommendations of the regulatory audit “Assessment of sufficiency of operational earnings of the public joint-stock company „Starptautiskā lidosta „Rīga”” for ensuring its operations and assessment of necessity of State budget subsidy for aviation safety, rescue and medical assistance measures”.

Implementation of recommendations issued at the result of the regulatory audit on “Evaluation of lawfulness and cost efficiency of actions of state capital companies in daily maintenance of national roads”

Assessment of the Legality and Cost-Effectiveness of the State Capital Companies Actions in the Area of State Motor Roads Daily Maintenance

On correctness of preparation of the annual report for 2010 of the Ministry of Transport