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The State Audit Office Will Audit the Bossing of Talsi Local Government in Municipal Enterprises

The State Audit Office has launched an audit in Talsi Local Government, which will focus on the services provided by the enterprises of the Talsi Local Government to the population of Talsi Region, as well as the legality of enterprise management and its compliance with the principles of good governance.

The audit was started on the basis of the risk analysis that the State Audit Office carried out taking into account the shortcomings and risks identified by both the internal auditor of the local government and the external auditor. There is also a considerable number of complaints by population received about Talsi Local Government, which places Talsi among the “leading” local governments, about which residents complain to the State Audit Office most.

Both its internal auditor and a sworn auditor engaged by the Local Government have carried out audits on the risks identified in Talsi Local Government by the State Audit Office. However, there is no response or interest from the leadership of Talsi Regional Government in addressing the shortcomings identified by the external auditor and the internal auditor and the recommendations made for improving operational and financial governance.

the contrary, after the meeting of the State Audit Office with the councillors of Talsi Regional Government in spring this year, when the councillors were informed about the risks identified by the State Audit Office with a call for actions to reduce or eliminate the risks. Unfortunately, the information received from the local government did not increase confidence in the efficiency of the actions taken; hence, the State Audit Office had a reason to decide on starting an audit.

In addition, the State Audit Office started to receive applications from citizens in the second half of 2018, which pointed to shortcomings in the work of the local government in almost every area of ​​its responsibility, and there were 16 applications received by the end of the year. Population continues to file complaints this year as well with 36 applications received by mid-August.

Talsi Regional Government is a shareholder in five enterprises. The State Audit Office has received complaints about shortcomings in the operation of enterprises: Talsu Namsaimnieks Ltd, Talsu televīzija Ltd, Waste Management Company Piejūra Ltd, and Talsu Ūdens Ltd. That indicates insufficient supervision by the shareholder.

One plans to finish the audit next spring, when its results will be presented to mass media and the public.