SAO as Audit training center


The State Audit Office receives requests from supreme audit institutions of other countries regularly to provide support in strengthening their institutional or audit capacity. The State Audit Office evaluates each case individually and decides on the provision of such support in the form of training at the State Audit Office.


The State Audit Office regularly offers the ‘exchange of experience’ events and/or support to other supreme audit institutions in strengthening institutional or audit capacity. The events are organized at the State Audit Office.


Recent exchange of experience and study visits organised by the State Audit Office:

  • two webinars on the general principles for conducting public sector audits and monitoring the implementation of recommendations in line with international auditing standards were held for the Laotian Supreme Audit Institution;
  • the Supreme Audit Institution of Tajikistan was introduced to the experience of the State Audit Office in human resource planning, staff training, introduction of Performance Management System, development of annual work plan, application of working time accounting system, IT infrastructure of a supreme audit institution, development of IT security solutions, and application of audit support tools;  
  • the Supreme Audit Institution of Kazakhstan was trained in auditing local and regional governments, audit planning and follow-up;  
  • the Supreme Audit Institution of Georgia and the Parliament of Georgia were introduced to audit practices and cooperation with the Latvian Parliament;
  • we exchanged experiences with the Supreme Audit Institution of Indonesia in strategic planning, organizational issues of the institution, audit practices, cooperation with the Parliament and the process of audit follow-up;
  • the Supreme Audit Institution of Bhutan was introduced to our practices regarding strategic planning conducting of audits, audit follow-up and cooperating with the Latvian Parliament.