Since 2017, a representative of the State Audit Office has been a member of the Audit Board of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). It is a permanent board of the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission, composed of six members - professional auditors from the supreme audit institutions of the member states of the organisation appointed by the six countries on a rotating basis for four years.


The EUROCONTROL Audit Board examines and certifies the annual financial statements of EUROCONTROL, obtains confidence regarding the expenditure included in the annual statements, and ensures auditing to facilitate transparency of the procedures and decisions of EUROCONTROL.


Participating in the work of the EUROCONTROL Audit Board provides a new platform for the further professional growth of the State Audit Office and increases the international recognition and prestige of the Republic of Latvia. This work has already made a practical contribution to our country. Having studied the financing principles of EUROCONTROL and other international organisations, which are based on the contributions made by the member states, including Latvia, we have noticed a number of necessary improvements in the ways our country identifies its long-term commitments towards international organisations.