The State Audit Office has been represented in the Audit Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) from 2022 to 2024. It has nine members, six of whom are nominated from the permanent delegations of the OECD member states and three of whom are experts recommended by the supreme audit institutions of the member states, who are appointed on a rotating basis.


The mandate of the OECD Audit Committee includes:

  • assess the annual work program of the internal and external audit functions;
  • review the financial standing of the organisation as well as its internal control and risk management systems;rRecommend performance audits for external audits.


The OECD is a global organization that aims to promote good governance and economic and social prosperity in its member states. Involvement in the work of the OECD Audit Committee enables the State Audit Office to influence and improve various important processes in the internal work of the organization to facilitate the development of public sector integrity, efficient management of public financial resources and increase trust in public sector institutions in general. At the same time, work in the OECD Audit Committee provides a new platform for the further professional growth of the State Audit Office, as well as increases the international recognition and prestige of the Republic of Latvia.