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Welcome to the State Audit Office of Latvia homepage

The State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia is an independent institution, a fundamental element of the state financial system subjected only to the law. Our decisions have to be taken collegially to ensure successful control over the utilization of central and local government resources, implementation of functions set in regulatory enactments and provision of recommendations for improvement of central and local government work.

Our work is based on transparency and openness principle – we want to be a professional and organized institution to be an example for others. Our role is to be a consultant not an inspector for central and local governments.

We serve the interests of society and we are interested in ethical and legal utilization of resources. We want to be a reliable assistant for the society in general and for each member of society.

16.04.2014.Repetitio est mater studiorum (latin) - repetition is the mother of knowledge
Who else than the local governments, their agencies and the employees of capital companies would better know what the State Audit Office has revealed, on what offences it has indicated and what recommendations it has provided as a result of audits performed in these institutions.Click here for more information
09.04.2014.The representatives of the State Audit Office will meet with residents of Jelgava
The State Audit Office of Latvia calls for a meeting with the representatives of Jelgava Municipality, the non-governmental organizations and local residents to discuss the operational priorities of the State Audit Office, as well as to discuss audit findings on the operation of agencies established by Jelgava Municipality, the management of capital companies, and the operation of Zemgale Planning Region.Click here for more information
07.04.2014.Auditor General meets with Minister for Economics
On April 4, Auditor General Elita Krūmiņa and Council member of the State Audit Office, Director of the Fourth Audit Department Marita Salgrāve met with Minister for Economics Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis.Click here for more information
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 Results of audits
24.04.2014. The Accuracy of the Chancery of the President of Latvia Annual Report for 2013Click here for more information
11.04.2014. The Accuracy of the Central Election Commission of Latvia Annual Report for 2013Click here for more information
18.03.2014. Material–technical supply of the State PoliceClick here for more information
17.03.2014. On economic activity and financial statements of the Bank of Latvia for the year 2013Click here for more information