The State Audit Office of Latvia explored during an audit whether all prerequisites were created in Latvia to move towards the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) systematically at the state and municipal levels. Unfortunately, such confidence has not been achieved.

Latvia also undertook to move towards UN SDGs 7 years ago. However, until now, not enough has been done either at the national or municipal level to have all the prerequisites for a full-fledged development. In general, working with the SDGs is carried out without process leadership, a specific plan, tasks and division of responsibilities in Latvia. As a result, public awareness of the goals and their significance remains low. To achieve the SDGs, local and regional governments play an important role because up to 65% of the 169 SDG sub-goals are related to the competence of local and regional governments, and it is local and regional governments that will be the decisive stage in achieving the goals. Without changing anything, Latvia will have achieved only 30 or 18% of SDG sub-goals by 2030 according to the calculation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In Latvia, the lack of progress and the negative trends in the SDG indicators show that top political management should begin urgently by solving challenges at a high inter-ministerial level by joint efforts in order to achieve the SDGs.


Regional development and local and regional governments






The Fifth Audit Department

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  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Cross-sectoral Coordination Centre, Bauska Region, Daugavpils City, Jēkabpils Region, Ogre Region, Liepāja City, Ventspils City, Riga City, Valmiera Region