Governance structures of international organizations


There is one Supreme Audit Institution in almost every country in the world. In Latvia, it is the State Audit Office. All 194 Supreme Audit Institutions are united in the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions INTOSAI. INTOSAI has five regional organizations, and the State Audit Office is a member of EUROSAI.


The professional and active work of the State Audit Office has been noticed and appreciated at the international level. Following competitive procedures the State Audit Office has been elected to governing and other bodies of the INTOSAI and EUROSAI.


This representation facilitates the State Audit Office’s international recognition and enables us to use this international cooperation platform to promote our strategic and professional interests. The participation of the State Audit Office in the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) and EUROSAI Governing Board, combined with gradually expanding external consultancy activity, helps the State Audit Office in achieving one of its strategic goals - to become an internationally recognised centre of excellence for public sector auditing.