Compliance of the traffic organisation at the Riga International Airport with the requirements of laws and regulations

Taxi competition and even the fight for customers in the territory of the Riga International Airport (hereinafter referred to as the Riga Airport) last for more than a decade. Despite solutions being sought, one has not reached the desired result yet so that passengers can receive a safe, high-quality service at the airport that meets their needs. The airport established its own procedures for the provision of taxi services for many years. Still, such an approach did not comply with the laws and regulations, thus being lawfully terminated in 2017 by a court decision. To address the problem of taxi services at the airport, the airport selected outsourcing through a tender. At the same time, one amended the laws and regulations several times and adopted several new ones as well, but no result followed until September 2019. At present, one has adjusted the laws and regulations including establishing the right of the airport to organise the access of taxi service providers to the taxi line and the criteria according to which taxi service providers may provide services on the taxi line. This should also be sufficient to streamline access to taxi services. However, after the airport audit, the State Audit Office must admit that the problems still exist and that passengers can end up in the vehicles of unscrupulous carriers without realising it.


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