Waste sorting and the immediate challenges in sorting biodegradable waste

Is an efficient and economically sound bio-waste management system being developed in Latvia, and will its implementation take place within the set deadline? Unfortunately, the audit results clearly show that no. The currently developed system does not correspond to the situation in our country, for example, in terms of the total population and population density. The introduction of the system has been delayed significantly due to the chaotic implementation, lack of coordinated management and cooperation with all stakeholders. If the system is implemented only formally, then, first of all, the population will not be motivated and will not sort biodegradable waste to the extent needed for the capacity of the planned infrastructure. Secondly, people will overpay for bio-waste management. Thirdly, sanctions are possible, which means losses to the Republic of Latvia if the environmental goals set by the European Union are not achieved in time. Therefore, the State Audit Office calls for a complete review of the chosen approach to the introduction and development of the system and for finding the most appropriate solutions by making more efficient use of the available financial resources and infrastructure.


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The Fifth Audit Department

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  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Balvi Region, Ludza Region, Mārupe Region, Riga City, Talsi Region, South Kurzeme Region