Fiscal Policy Auditing

The information sharing network aims at improving the methodologies and practices used in audits of public fiscal policy by applying best practices and exchange of information among supreme audit institutions being active in this field. The network identifies the best practices, collects data, exchanges information, and organizes workshops and seminars to disseminate available information on the issues of fiscal policy audits. The Fiscal Policy Audit network was established in 2008.


Participation in the information-sharing network of Fiscal Policy Audit helps to share ideas and perspectives on assessing fiscal policies or government tax and budget policies during audits. The exchange of information and experience through cooperation covers the issues such as consequences of Brexit, public debt or public budget planning, etc. When we find an issue common to several countries, we study that issue in our own country individually, compare common and different challenges, and search for the most effective recommendations for eliminating the identified shortcomings based on the experience of other countries.