GREENING PLAN of the State Audit Office


Earth is our home, which must be taken care of together by introducing sustainability-promoting habits in our everyday life and workplace. We, #ValstsKontrolesKomanda (SAI Latvia Team), are also motivated to do more by regularly evaluating and updating the institutions work practices in greening or environmentally friendly management.

Greening Plan of the State Audit Office 2022-2025 (Greening Plan) is a medium-term planning document in which we have determined the goals, directions of action, activities to be implemented and results to be achieved, as well as indicators for the next three years.

Before developing the Greening Plan, we carried out a series of preparatory measures:

1. We carried out an assessment of the sustainability of the State Audit Office of Latvia*.

2. We identified and evaluated the impact of the State Audit Office on the environment**.

3. Based on the collected data, we identified six areas (management, energy efficiency, procurement, consumption of natural resources and related waste management, use of transport) in which improvements are needed in the operation of the State Audit Office of Latvia. They are included in the Greening Plan.

We invite every institution and organization to evaluate their opportunities to focus on sustainability issues.

Actualities of implementation of the Greening Plan.


*Based on the self-assessment questionnaire prepared by the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) for supreme audit institutions.

**Using ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System” principles and approach by identifying aspects where environmental impact is detectable.