The real estate governance of the Riga City Council: how has it been so far and how should it be in the future?


The State Audit Office has just completed a large-scale audit, in which we tried to find out how the real estate of the Riga City was managed. This holding is really impressive. The Property Department of the Riga City Municipality manages approximately 30,000 real estate properties worth 1.5 billion euros out of the 2.1 billion euros-worth real estate in the total register of the Municipality. It spends at least 30 million euros annually on the management of those properties. Auditor General Rolands Irklis, Council Member of the State Audit Office Edgars Korčagins, Chair of the Riga City Council Mārtiņš Staķis, Head of the Riga City Council Property Committee Dainis Locis, and representative of the Latvian Real Estate Transaction Association Undalgs Mētra will take part in this podcast, where we will reflect on the audit findings and try to identify the to-do list for improving the situation.