Wishing you a nice Midsummer’s Eve!


Continuing the cooperation started in April, we created a summer solstice greetings card in Latvian, English and Ukrainian languages together with Ukrainian artist, Yana Kovsh (Yana Kovsh, janakovsh@gmail.com), who, fleeing the war, settled in Latvia with her son and mother while her husband and her father defended Kyiv.

We followed Jana’s idea to dedicate the card to the creative work of famous Ukrainian artist, Maria Prymachenko in the mood of summer solstice so that it continues the story through time: https://ieej.lv/a3bAa

Art has undergone changes in the world through the centuries, it preserves the evidence of the ages, it tells about talented people, their ideas, and worldview. Especially during war, art gives people strength and hope, heals, and also serves as a weapon, preserving ancient and fundamental values.

We got to know Yana in March, thanks to the Fold.lv collection of Ukrainian creative professionals who are looking for cooperation opportunities in Latvia, and together we have created the Easter Card of the State Audit Office.

State Audit Office Team