Information Technologies Auditing

The working group aims at facilitating the exchange of professional knowledge and experience among the European supreme audit institutions and implementing joint activities in the field of information technology, including cooperative IT audits. The IT working Group the e-Government subgroup, IT Self-assessment (ITSA) and IT Audit Self-assessment (ITASA) project groups.


The EUROSAI IT Working Group is one of the most relevant communication platforms for IT service providers and IS auditors, where supreme audit institutions share experiences on how to improve and simplify the auditor’s work with information and communication technologies. This is helps to understand, how supreme audit institutions address technological challenges when assessing their impact on audited area, data security efficiency issues. The Working Group also facilitates a wider exchange of information among IS auditors on a daily basis, which helps to  choose the most appropriate audit approach, as well as provides a comparative overview on how the particular solution has been implemented and what are the costs in other EU Member States (for example, e-health, e-schools and other e-governance issues.


The subgroup has also developed a platform for aggregating structured information on ICT audits performed by supreme audit institutions. This gives the IS auditors an insight into ICT related risks in other countries and the applied solutions to mitigate risks. The subgroup is also working on a solution to digitize the IT audit methodology and transform the existing  simplified descriptive document into a practical tool for documenting the work of IS auditors on daily basis.