Support to Eastern partnership SAIs


The Eastern Partnership is designed to promote political association and economic integration with the Eastern neighbouring countries of the European Union by facilitating stability, economic growth, and mutual trust in the region. The Eastern Partnership is being implemented in Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine in Eastern Europe, and in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus. Since the establishment of this policy, the Eastern Partnership has been a priority of the Latvian foreign policy, and Latvia has been actively participating in implementation of the Eastern Partnership policy.


Understanding the reform processes of supreme audit institutions, understanding good governance challenges in transition countries, language skills are just some of the advantages of the State Audit Office in providing support to the Supreme Audit Institutions of Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova.


The State Audit Office has provided training in performance auditing, on practical aspects of auditing local and regional governments, as well as IT audits in the Supreme Audit Institutions of Ukraine and Moldova. Experts of the State Audit Office have trained our Georgian colleagues in audit planning, audit quality assurance and control, financial impact of audit recommendations and auditing consolidated financial statements.  


Improving the external audit environment is an essential requirement by international organizations. Therefore, contribution of the State Audit Office to development of the external audit environment in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia facilitates g the progress of those countries towards compliance with the principles set out in their Association Agreements.


Currently the State Audit Office implements the following projects to support of the supreme audit institutions of the EU Eastern Partnership countries: